This is our prayer.

That we would be an instrument, orchestrated by the hand of God to reach the lost. That our earthly culture would be wholly and completely transformed into his kingdom culture, sold out for the mission of His gospel. We would see masses of people living on mission to reach the one. The one who is far from God, the one who is an outcast to society, the one who is overrun by the destruction of this world. That we would see prodigals coming home, broken dreams rebuilt and shattered lives restored.

As we prepare a space to call home, we can’t begin to fathom the amazing things that will take place within these walls. The leaders that will be raised, the lives and communities that will be impacted. We can hardly contain our childlike anticipation as we consider the endless possibilities. However, while we are grateful for this resource that has been given to us, we must always remind ourselves that His church is so much more than brick and mortar. The church is the people, united under the banner of Jesus Christ to make an impact in this world through the revelation of His grace and His love.

Check out a few mock-ups below of what we envision in various spaces!

Here's where we are at: