Please review the FAQ below for information regarding House Churches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a house church?

Simply, a house church is a small intimate gathering in a church member's home to promote community. We'll watch the livestream togther, share a meal, and in general grow together.

How do I get involved in a house church?

It's so easy! Follow the steps below:

  1. Take a look at the map below and enter your address
  2. Check which Host Home Circle is closest to your address
  3. Click on the Host Home Circle to RSVP and read about specific information for the group
*Please be sure that when you attend the group you bring a facemask.*

Are there accommodations for kids?

This is dependent on the group leader, and kids are INCLUDED in the total number of attendees for a group so bear in mind this when looking for a group. Our staff team provides the weekly kids material to parents every week so activities will already be provided. *If you have not received that or want to get that please fill out this short form:*

What are the Covid guidelines for House Church?

We are requesting all members of the House Church to sign a waiver (Click Here to Download) and email it or print it out to bring to the House Church leader. Leader preferences on Covid restrictions are also shown when signing up for a group in the description. Leaders will check temperatures upon arrival. Lastly, anti-bacterial sanitizer and masks will be available at all locations.

**If you run into any issues with the above map please check out the groups here: CLICK HERE**

From our staff team:

We know that many of you have heard the Armory will be transitioning into a max vaccination site for the next nine weeks. With that in mind, we still want to give people a chance to continue to gather on Sunday mornings while building intentional community. Our hope is that through House Church gatherings will lead to stronger community and a stronger church overall as we plan to meet back up in about two months.

If you have any questions about church, groups, or anything else, please email


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