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Social Distancing may limit in-person gatherings, but it should not stop you from making disciples.

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Social distancing is hard that's no secret if you live in 2020 and if you're anything like me, the lack of connection is draining. Scripture is very clear that community is necessary for a healthy soul, (Hebrews 10:25, Proverbs 27:1) but what exactly makes it so important? Why does the Bible put so much emphasis on our interpersonal relationships when all we really need is Him? The answer is simply this -- Jesus used community to make disciples, and instructs us to do the same. What does that look like? Discipleship isn't as complicated as we may sometimes feel. Discipleship isn't a ten-week course in what it looks like to follow Jesus, or crash course in the "best" way to share the Gospel. Making disciples is simply doing life together, sharing your experiences in faith and encouraging people to pursue Christ deeper each day, Author Daniel Pink coined one of my favorite models for this. You likely have encountered this model when you were training for a new job at some time in your life.


I Do → You Watch I Do → You Do You Do → I Watch You Do → I Go Do Something


The general idea is very simple:

  1. As you demonstrate the life of a follower of Jesus, discuss your every day faith journeys with the person you are leading.

  2. After that, perhaps they can begin to get their feet wet and join you in serving at your church alongside you, and see how God works through the various roles in the body.

  3. Eventually, they will begin to work autonomously, but with you remaining close by as a support system.

  4. Finally, they will adopt their own faith beyond your direct influence, and continue living life as a Christ follower and disciple someone themselves.


Join a community of believers, or start a conversation with a friend in church and discuss your every day faith journey together. You'd be surprised at how much you'll grow together as iron sharpens iron.

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