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Next Gen Pastor


City Church

Next Gen Pastor Job Description



City Church is looking for a Next Gen Pastor who has the drive and passion to build a thriving department in an established church in Upstate New York. We are seeking qualified applicants who have a passion for the Next Generation and will lead them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.


City Church is coming up on its 10-year anniversary in Albany, NY.  Since its conception, we have grown through many challenges and in the process of renovating a new facility with a Next Gen wing that will be specifically used by this candidate.  We now are in a formal partnership with Res Church located in Brooklyn and Statin Island.  City Church desires a qualified candidate with a primary focus on Albany.


City Church is a modern church attracting many families, singles with children and a millennial demographic.  The work environment is very casual and fast paced.  The candidate will have the liberty to build the vision of the Next Gen department within the confines of the churches mission and vision.  The primary role will be in Albany, NY with options for partnership in the Brooklyn and Statin Island Campus in the future.


We are looking for a high energy, self-starting, Jesus loving, passionate person.  If this is you, we would love for you to apply.


Please note that we understand that the world is ever changing.  We do not require a formal educational background; however, any experience or education is an added benefit.


The Interview process will be in 4 parts.


1 - Interview with the Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor or Campus Pastor

2 - Interview with the Staff and Elders (on-site during a weekend)

3 - Interview with select parents to hear your heart and vision

4 - Personality Test and understanding of the City Church CreedT




The primary mission of the Next Gen Ministry is to lead the next generation into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.



  • To champion the mission of City Church and implement a ministry structure to connect the Next Gen ministry to the overall body of City Church

  • Oversee Next Gen Ministry Departments.  (Nursery, City Kids and City Youth)

  • Cast Vision to department heads, leaders, teachers and parents

  • Select Curriculum that will be used for each department

  • Work with department heads to ensure all serve positions are scheduled through Planning Center

  • Growing the Next Gen ministry to a healthy standard of the churchwide attendance. (Kids-20% / Youth-15% minimum)




  • Align Leaders: Align leaders to work together around common strategy, values and language:

    • Champion vision and values of City Kids, City Youth throughout the church

    • Facilitate effective meetings to collaborate with key leaders

    • Manage budgeted resources needed to make Next Gen successful

  • Engage Every Parent: Engaging parents and guardians to partner with the Next Gen Ministry

    • Design strategic opportunities to help every parent stay connected

    • Provide resources and experiences that help parents win with their own kids

    • Leverage digital strategies to keep parents inspired and informed.

  • Refine the Message: Design a messaging strategy that communicates strategic truths to kids:

    • Produce strategic experiences to be relevant and engaging for kids

    • Design and promote a scope and cycle that prioritizes core messages

    • Develop and improve a diverse team to communicate and develop leader experiences

  • Influence Service: Influence kids/students to love and serve one another

    • Create an age-appropriate plan to engage kids/students in ministry and service opportunities

    • Train adult leaders to co-lead with teenagers

    • Establish seasonal initiatives for families to do service projects together

  • Elevate Community: Recruit and develop volunteers to lead kids in weekly groups/teachings

    • Implement a system to recruit and train small group leaders

    • Manage group structure to connect kids relationally with peers and leaders

    • Leverage digital strategies to enhance learning and relationships.


Team member Contributions:


  • Teamwork: Functions well with co-workers, treating them with honor and grace.

  • Humility:Must lead from a place of humility.  Always having the best perception of people and extending grace when needed.

  • Spiritual Encouragement: Encourages spiritual focus and commitment by modeling the Staff Values and The Creed of City Church.

  • Improvement of Operations: Contributes toward the improvement of the church operations as a whole.


Required Qualifications:

  • Must have a minimum of 2 years’ experience leading the Next Gen, Children’s or Youth Ministry in a full time ministry role of 50 students or more

  • Being proficient in Planning Center, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office is required

  • Formal Education or work experience in early childhood or teenage children is required (Does not have to be a bachelor's degree)

  • Must be able to pass a background and financial check


Added Qualifications but not required:

  • Working with a multisite background is a huge added benefit

  • Video editing is always a plus

  • Bachelor's Degree or higher is always helpful

  • Seminary is preferred, but not required.


Spiritual Qualifications:

  • Diligently seeks a vital and growing personal relationship with the Lord. He/She will be a student of the Scriptures and a person of prayer. In this way, he/she will keep watch over himself and over the flock (Acts 20:28) and pay close attention to himself as well as his doctrine (1 Tim. 4:16). Under God’s strong hand He will seek to manage his/her own household well (1 Tim. 3:4,5) by loving his wife/husband as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25) and by bringing his/her children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). In all areas of life and witness he will seek to shepherd the people City Church by being an example to the flock (1 Pet. 5:3).

  • Meets the qualifications of an overseer as outlined in Scripture (1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1).

  • Has experience in, and zeal for, the work of ministry.

  • Is able to work on a team toward specific goals in a mutually edifying and supportive manner.

  • Maintains a teachable and open attitude.

  • Is willing to mentor and disciple.

  • Has a commitment to the Statement of Faith, Staff Values and The Creed as stated in the Bylaws of City Church and the City Church Playbook.



  • Fulltime Pay: $40,000 - $60,000 based on experience, education

  • If ordained, Housing Allowance (taken from part of the salary)

  • Cellphone Allowance 

  • Unlimited Vacation Time Policy

  • Relocation Package

  • Mostly Remote Work

  • Bonuses


To Apply:

  • Send Resume, Headshot, Cover letter to

  • List three-character references

  • Send a private YouTube link introducing yourself, family and sharing your vision for Next Gen ministry.  (Please limit to no more than 10 min)


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